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Using Multi-Media in your CV

I work with a selection of IT companies including web developers looking for skilled developers, designers and data jokeys.

I’ve noticed a trend job seekers are adopting. I’m recvieving a lot more creative approachs to CVs. In short, they’re using elements of multimedia—video, infographics, and social media—to bring their resumes to life.

While there are certain guidelines that you should always follow when submitting a resume regardless of mode of delivery, there are a couple of multimedia elements a candidate can tap into to get that extra ommph into his or her resume:

Adding a Face and Voice with Video

By replacing a cover letter with a quick video pitch, job seekers can showcase skills and abilities lost in translation in a traditional resume. As Bruce Hurwitz of Hurwitz Strategic Staffing says, “Video can increase my confidence in a candidate’s ability to successfully interview–Is she professional? Is he articulate?–or eliminate a candidate from consideration.” Of course, time is money, and candidates need to give recruiters a reason to keep watching. My advice: personality is great, but don’t get too cute. Balance is key.

Bringing Flat Resumes to Life with Infographics

Breaking out of the traditional resume template isn’t easy without a degree in design. But presenting a recruiter with a more visually stimulating overview of experience and qualifications can go a long way in setting a candidate apart. Thankfully, it doesn’t take an Adobe Illustrator savant to turn a boring old resume into an interesting infographic. Not only are these easy to create, but they’re easy to share across multiple channels.
Showing Off with Blogs and Personal Sites
Blogs are an excellent platform for candidates to showcase their hobbies, writing and communication skills, and general interests. Think they’re just for marketing candidates? Think again. Even a meat cutter at Whole Foods can run a successful butcher blog to establish expertise and share experience with an avid audience. And who said blogs are just for writing? Techies can demonstrate their ability to build WordPress templates, too, or simply prove they know how to find and add plug-ins to build websites. And candidates for artistic positions can showcase their portfolio of work.
The employment market is exceptionally tough right now and thinking outside the traditional cube may give you the edge you need to succeed to secure a desirable position.

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