4 Questions To Get Candidates To Reveal Themselves

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4 Questions To Get Candidates To Reveal Themselves

Job interviews are now becoming similar to auditions: lines are rehearsed and costumes are prepared. In this mindset, it is hard to see the genuine qualities of each individual. To get candidates out of their performance-mode, here are four questions to ask to encourage a candidate to reveal themselves:

What keyboard shortcuts do you use?

Or how they organise their computer files, anything to find how your candidate embraces every bit of productivity out of their day. Only great employees will analyse small inefficiencies and do something about them. It’s about finding someone who is deliberate and constantly adjusts to make things work more efficiently and effectively.

They will be the ones to improve your work place and encourage others to do the same.

What would your current manager say you should do more of, less of, or stop doing altogether?

Asking candidates to analyse their current position helps to filter out those who aren’t introspective or trainable. Those who are introspective have more potential as they are more open and eager to grow. Candidates that are comfortable evaluating themselves will be more likely to adjust in order to affiliate with company goals.

What was your very first job?

Determination and firmness– the type that comes from cleaning toilets or spinning signs for first jobs. Hearing about an employee’s first work experience can say a lot about their character. Did it bring about their strong work ethic? Or was it absolutely dreadful and funny to look back on? This helps reveal their true character and attitude.

How do you feel about the potential changes to the NZ flag?

Dig in. See what gets your candidate fired up and whether they havc an opinion. Find out what people in the company are talking about, what subjects are being debated, and any relevant news.

By focusing on the qualities of candidates instead of asking them comfortable questions, you will see their true qualities more clearly. Use this opportunity to get to know them on a personal level.

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